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Our Favorite Fall Colors

Written by Danielle Paulo


Posted on October 23 2019

We have officially hit that transitional part of the year where the seasons re changing - it’s no longer summer, but it isn’t quite fall either. We all understand the struggle of trying to pick out an outfit in the chilly morning to only have it hit 90 degrees by afternoon.

We love this time of the year because it feels like a fresh start especially with clean air and no more hot and humid days.

With fall quickly approaching, we wanted to take the time to inspire you to declutter your wardrobe and bring out all your fall outerwear. It is now time to switch from summer sandals and sun dresses to cardigans. Let Urban X Apparel help you out with your wardrobe. Here is the top fall colors we are loving right now.


Yellow or Mustard is a bright idea for your fall wardrobe. It is bright and airy and we love how well it brightens up any outfit. Pair it with black or dark denim along with brown booties for a chic look.

This is one of our popular tops this season as it is a comfortable yet fashionable statement piece. The lace crochet detailed sleeve is a showstopper! The dark burgundy color is rich and is also a popular favorite color. We also have this edit in multiple colors that you will love!

Green, every shade of green, is a perfect color during Fall season as it matches the surroundings. This brown and teal two tone mixture in the cardigan is a perfect mix that can make any outfit feel classic yet nostalgic. You can dress this cardigan up and pair with a color skirt for a more vibrant look while still looking dramatic and down-to-earth at the same time.

Our rusty brown fringe vest is our popular trend especially during the transitional weather - cold and hot all through out the day. Throw this vest over any long sleeve tops we have or if its one of those hot days, pair it with a crop top and jeans to complete the fall look. The dark color and fringe detail screams autumn vibes with a boho chic look.

Which is your favorite color to wear during Fall?